Amine Tamessaoudt

Sales Expert at SAP

My name is Amine TAMESSAOUDT, I have been working as a sales professional for 13 years in France and Spain, including 3 years as a sales director leading a team of 9 people in a tech company.

My current role is to make sure my people have everything they need to perform well and to deliver their budget.

An important aspect of my job is to keep the team motivated and I really love this aspect of my position.

What Amine has to say:

Job highlights:

In a sales role, numbers are of course important, but having a ‘people oriented’ mindset is key in a team success.

A starter tip:

Stay curious and keep on learning during all your professional career, this is the only way to grow and to bring more and more value to any marketplace you will chose. Defining your own criteria of success every year is also important.

Brandon Smith

Global Sales Manager at Travel Perk

As Global Sales Manager at TravelPerk, fastest-growing SaaS company in the world, Brandon leads the Enterprise Team and is responsible for onboarding and supporting global companies helping them to build their travel management programs and policies, including TransferWise, Expensify, and Glovo. He is also helping build the Sales team in their recently opened office in Chicago.

Prior to TravelPerk, he spent more than 3 years at Kantox, hottest FinTech start-up in Spain as the UK and Ireland Country Manager, leading the sales team.

He has escaped the cold of New Jersey and has been living in Barcelona for 8 years. You can always find him traveling, playing American football, basketball, and breaking it down on the dance floor.

What Brandon has to say:

Job highlights:

I love the dynamic aspect of TravelPerk that two days are never the same. Also the availability to learn every day from your peers and management. I have seen the growth of 16 people in an apartment to 500+ employees in Torre Glories, Chicago, London, and Berlin. ​

A starter tip:

For young graduates trying to get into any professional Job: Find a job or internship that you will learn every day and have an opportunity to grow within the company or they will set you up for success in the future. Ask lots of questions and don't be afraid to say, I don't know.

Görkem Egil

Inside Sales Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Inside Sales Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. 10 years in the company; covered various positions as business analyst, inside sales, instructor and sales coach.

What Görkem has to say:

Job highlights:

I enjoy working with ambitious young professionals, seeing them develop their career and skills.

A starter tip:

Do you research, find out about the strategy, priorities and situation of the company you are applying. Demonstrate enthusiasm, by communicating with the stakeholders proactively. Review your social media imprint.

Nikia Steele

Sr. Manager, Special Events at ViaComCBS

I must say that what I love about my job is nurturing an idea through fruition. No event goes off 100% as planned, but being able to think ahead, go w/the flow and think on your feet, is something that I strive on as well.

What Nikia has to say:

Job highlights:

I’m Nikia Steele and am currently a Senior Manager of Special Events for ViacomCBS in New York. I’ve been employed at (formerly) Viacom for almost 15 years.
My job entails producing events - both domestically and internationally - from conception to execution. The events consist of dinners, parties, tradeshows, red carpet movements, activations/installations, etc.

A starter tip:

You’re off to a great start! Asking questions to someone in the profession you are interested in is extremely valuable. Intern and volunteer as much as possible.
A lot of professions are sink or swim – the quicker you can jump in and adapt to things, the better. It will be noticed and go a long way.

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