Frequently Asked Questions

1Are the Internships paid?
All of our internships are paid placements. If you study in Europe then you are likely eligible to apply for the ERASMUS+ grant to help fund your time abroad also.
2What majors or fields of interest are internships available for?
All of the internships that we offer are specialised roles, our goal is to match students with work placements that correlate to their academic field of study. Although we work primarily with tech companies we are looking for students across a wide range of disciplines from Computer Science to Marketing.
3How do you prepare interns for their placement abroad?
Tech Internships provides each of its participants with a full orientation to help them adapt to the culture and nuances of a foreign environment together with tips to adjust to everyday business practices within Spain and The UK
4Do I get to choose which company I'm placed in? If not how are applicants placed?
Tech Internships offer placements based on requirements and needs provided by the students. We work with employers within Technology, Business, Engineering, Design and Marketing sectors. We work with a large range of Employers who will play a role in deciding which candidate will be best suited to their needs. Tech Internships works to match the objectives of the student to the most fulfilling roles available.
5How is Tech Internships unique?
Tech Internships is the only specialist internship placement program focused within 6 core sectors. We place students within innovative companies looking for the best new talent available. Our team of dedicated professionals are committed to providing you with the best experience to get the very best experience from your internship. We are also one of the only providers that allow our program fees to be paid on an instalment basis.
6Will I have free time during my program?
Yes, of course. Outside of your internship hours, your nights and weekends are absolutely free. You can explore the city and country, as you'd like. Tech Internships also offers activities including different social events and excursions on weekends and evenings.
7Is there any age requirement?
Students must be at least 18 years old at the start of Tech Internships internship program.
8 What hours should I expect to work?
Participants work an average of 35 hours per week. The majority of internships take place between 9am and 6pm including one hour of lunch but the timetable depends on the employer.
9Is this program open to applicants of all nationalities?
Yes, Tech Internships internship programs are open to applicants of all nationalities. However, visa application requirements may vary for applicants from different countries.
10Are there language requirements?
Yes, you should be fluent in English in order to apply for Tech Internships internship program. No other languages are required for the program, but the more proficient you are, the wider range of opportunities we'll be able to find.
11What other services are offered?
  • Work Placement- A placement in a Tech Company that aligns with your clear goals and objectives.
  • CV Consultation - Our experts will help you improve your CV to properly highlight your skills and make the most impact possible.
  • Coaching Call - Our interview coaches will talk to you before your interview and call with your chosen company. Our experienced coaches will give you tips for the interview and answer any queries you may have.
  • Pre-Departure Advice - From what to pack to what to expect. Staff are on hand for any questions you may need answering.
  • Travel Advice - We will advise on the best way to get to and from your chosen city, and of course travel is included with our packages.
  • Travel Insurance- Our partners CareMed provide our students with the most comprehensive and specialised insurance when choosing the 'Rest of the World Premium' package.
  • VISA Guidance-Our specialist partners handle all of your VISA and immigration queries and provide full VISA services.
  • Group Coordinator- Each Intern group will be assigned their own group co-ordinator. They are on hand to organise all your activities and to help you with anything you may need once you get to your destination city.
  • Workshops - Tech Internships organise workshops for all our students. These are not only incredibly informative but also a great way to learn about technology roles in your chosen field of internship.
  • Local Sim Card - Keep in touch with your family, and most importantly your newly made friends. We will also give you a list of contacts that you may need during your stay.
  • Local Travel Card-Get around your chosen city with ease with our pre-paid travel cards
  • Welcome Pack- a little bag of goodies to help you get settled in, including all the information you will need.
  • Networking Opportunities- meet industry leaders far beyond just your chosen placement with our custom organised events.
  • Academic Credit-earn credit towards your academic courses and make your CV stand out above the rest for prospective employers with our Tech Internships Programmes.
  • Travel, accommodation and leisure activities are also provided, please see the apply now section for a comprehensive list of additional services and activities.
12Are placements guaranteed?
Tech Internships guarantees to find an internship placement in your chosen city. You will need to be physically available for interview, or skype video call with prospective employers for a minimum of 4 full weeks before your prefered start date. Should we be unable to provide you with a confirmed internship placement within this time frame your payment will be refunded in full.
13What support systems are available?
Tech Internships is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment for all students. We have continual contact with participants on location and we have support staff available during business hours to help you learn how to work safely whilst overseas. We also have a 24 hour emergency support line. In addition, we understand that moving to a different country or city is an exciting challenge requiring a degree of adaptation in order to be successful. For this reason, during the early stages of our program we offer many events designed to increase contact with staff, encourage socialising and bonding as a group, and build familiarity with the host city.
14What is the duration of each internship?
Internships periods range from 8 weeks to 12 months. However Tech Internships can offer alternative options. Please get in contact if you have other requirements.
15Is the application process competitive?
Yes, we often have limited placements available in a given career field or location. We suggest you apply early so we can help you with CV advice to get you looking the best possible version of yourself before we handle your application.
16What is the application deadline?
Yes, we often have limited placements available in a given career field or location. We encourage you to apply and enroll early so we have time to assist you with the visa process (where needed) and find the best possible internship placement for you.
17How likely is it that my internship will result in a full-time job offer?
In the past, some interns have gone on to secure permanent employment in the company at which they interned, but this cannot be guaranteed.
18What are the visa / passport requirements?
For more information on visa requirements please refer to our visa section. If your internship is outside of your country of residence, you will need a valid passport or relevant cross border travel ID.
19Can I earn an academic credit?
Yes, you can, but it may depend on the university you are studying at. We recommend contacting your university academic department to discuss the procedure your university will follow in order to accredit your internship. Tech Internships will be able to provide all necessary documentation to support this application.
20What types of accommodations do you use?
We place everyone in modern and comfortable apartments in the center of the cities. We ensure that all the apartments are clean and pleasant spaces to live in. All accommodation comes with security, reception and high speed internet connection. This allows everyone to have the same standard of accommodation and to socialize with each other more easily.