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Our programs last 8 weeks and have been tailored for US students looking for a unique summer internship in Barcelona

Barcelona is famous for its colorful architecture, fantastic food, and welcoming people. Located right on the Mediterranean Sea there are miles of sandy beaches to explore and experiences to have. With a thriving economy and fascinating culture, Barcelona is an exceptional place to gain professional skills, meet life-long friends and perfect your Spanish.
Our placements in Barcelona have been created with the sole purpose of offering opportunities to students to fully experience European work life. Although unpaid, these professional experiences are designed to build your confidence and hone skills and knowledge that only a real workplace can provide. A fantastic way to gain valuable experience to add to your resume!

Our Internships Abroad

Our internship programmes are designed with you in mind. Our aim is to provide you with a meaningful experience to help you develop both personally and professionally. It is the perfect opportunity to experience a different culture and to enrich the skills you have learnt through academia. We want to accelerate your talent so you can achieve your full potential.


3 day-long trips
Local travel card

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Once you have chosen to do an internship with Tech-Internships Abroad the process is simple and designed to provide you with the best personalised opportunities, without the stress of complicated paper trails and time consuming applications. Start the process today by completing the simple online application.

    Key Program Highlights:

    Work Experience – Develop your professional skills in the tech-hub of Spain by becoming a valued team member in a progressive culture which focuses on innovation and young talent.

    Culture – Learn the importance of cultural immersion by living in one of the most multicultural cities in Europe whilst learning about the global business community.

    Language – You can take the opportunity to learn Spanish or develop your language skills through networking with local students (although a previous knowledge of the language is NOT needed to apply for our programmes)

    Entrepreneurship – If you take part in one of our programmes you will have a mentor. This is the opportunity to learn from an experienced professional in your sector. Through the internship your mentor will encourage your development of a wide variety of skills, outside of your academic studies, to prepare you for your future.



    2.75 GPA

    Completed second semester

    English language proficiency

    total cost $4990 USD

    Available Internships

    Our internships are for all undergraduate students from all majors looking to gain practical experience in Barcelona.

    All our Interships

    We work with the most up and coming tech companies across Europe. We have a personal relationship with all of our partner companies ensuring that you will find yourself in a safe secure environment where you will be nurtured and challenged to grow in a variety of ways. You will have a mentor in the company to help you in the process of settling in and our team is always available to share advice. Start your journey to cultural growth by filling in our easy online application form above.