My name is Kate and I study Marketing


I come from Arizona


I came to Barcelona (Spain) to study and to hold an Internship for the summer

Kate's Blog

I’ve always known that I wanted to go abroad, from a young age I’ve always loved traveling and was confident that I wanted to not only travel, but spend a longer period living in a place I was unfamiliar with. I’ve always believed that having an abroad experience is…

When I first arrived in Barcelona, I had no idea how long it would take to feel comfortable and adjust to life abroad. Everything was new to me and I knew it would take time to feel at home. In the first few weeks, to get anywhere, I used Google Maps religiously, fell into tourists traps in Plaça Catalunya, and got lost in the Metro…

While studying and interning abroad, I knew that I wanted to travel. The first place I decided to go was Porto, Portugal. It was somewhat of a random decision, I had never…

Kate in Barcelona

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