Gaining practical work experience with our trusted tech employers during COVID 19.

open to University Students

Tech Internships

Our internships are focused towards students studying Computer Science and Business & Marketing.

Internships are all located in Europe.

Hotspots include Barcelona, Germany and London.

New digital age

We are aware that students will encounter problems securing Internship placements due to the current global pandemic.

Many students will have access to Erasmus mobility programs and would have been looking to gain practical work experience within a foreign country.

There are many students who take non mandatory summer internships or a gap year abroad. We are keen to try and help some students who are willing to continue some practical experience remotely under the guidance of a specialised mentor aligned with your field of studies.

Don't worry if this is your first time navigating this environment as employers and Tech Internships are here to help you familiarise yourself with this new digital age.

what employers look for

* Effort
* Flexibility
* Problem Solving
* Solutions
* Initiative
* Support
* Great mindset
* Resourceful

"Fewer interruptions from coworkers",
"Increased productivity" but
"Missing the office"
is only some of the feedback received from those having transitioned in the past few months to working from home during their internship.

Our interviews are informal and informative!

We look forward to hearing from you


and start preparing for the most unforgettable experience in Tech!