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My first few days in Barcelona

I’ve always known that I wanted to go abroad, from a young age I’ve always loved traveling and was confident that I wanted to not only travel, but spend a longer period living in a place I was unfamiliar with. I’ve always believed that having an abroad experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity and would cause immense growth, both professionally and personally. I couldn’t have been more correct.

When I heard about the opportunity to not only study abroad but hold an internship for the summer between my Junior and Senior years of college, I was hooked. Not only would I get an incredible intercultural experience but would be able to gain professional experience in a field that I hope to work in someday, Marketing. Thus, the planning for my summer internship in Barcelona, Spain began. After months of preparation, choosing flights, interviewing with potential companies and more, my plans were finally solidified, and I was ready to embark on my abroad journey.

I had secured an internship with Paul Canning from Tech Internships and Study Abroad to work in marketing research. Marketing is my major in college and is the career path that I hope to pursue in the future. I was extremely excited to gain experience where I had hoped to, and while not knowing what to expect, was extremely excited.

I arrived in Barcelona on May 18th after a long day of travel, but thankfully, due to careful timing and planning ahead, didn’t find myself with much jet lag. In the first few days of living here in Spain, I walked around my new city, exploring everything there was to see, and feeling every emotion possible; excitement, nervousness, curiosity, happiness, etc. I met my new roommates, found out how to get a Metro pass, got a new SIM card for an international phone plan, everything I needed to get set for my two month European adventure. I got to my internship early on that following Monday, anxious and excited to see what I’d be doing for the summer. Despite getting lost on my way there, I found my coworkers and supervisor welcoming and kind, and began working on the first phases of my research. 

Being thrown into a completely new work and cultural environment I was certainly nervous, but tried to remind myself that it is only where you feel the most uncomfortable, that you experience the most growth. The first few days are overwhelming, certainly, but filled with more excitement than you could imagine. If you choose to come abroad like I did, trust yourself, and know that you are right where you’re supposed to be.

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