Please ensure that you are insured properly before coming over to Spain

We recommend that you look into the different types of insurances as no insurance is provided by Tech Internships.

Liability Insurance:

This is generally provided by the company hosting the internship and as “the host organisation” in Spain.

Accident Insurance:

If you are completing an Erasmus+ internship this is generally provided by the University, as the sending organisation (please check with the university: there is also a whole section on this in the learning agreement, which the university completes prior to the internship start). If you are completing another type of internship or placement please ensure that you take out your own insurance.

Travel Insurance:

We also recommend that you research this if you don’t already have travel insurance.

Health/Medical Insurance:

In Spain you will be able to visit the A&E but won’t be covered unless you sign up for medical insurance. Please ensure that you take out your own Travel and Medical Insurance policy. Many providers specialise in travel and medical insurance, i.e. Axa, IMG, Visa..


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