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We recruit students for companies seeking internships. We help students find internships relating to their undergraduate degrees. and we help universities facilitate outbound work experience for students.

Which Students Can We Help

* Students Seeking Mandatory or Non Mandatory Internships in Europe
* European Students Seeking Erasmus Internships Abroad
* US Students seeking Summer Internships programs in Barcelona.
* Graduate Students looking for Internships or full-time positions
* International Students looking to do a Study Abroad program

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  • As a seventeen-year old having just graduated high school, I came to Barcelona looking to expand my global perspective, to gain valuable work experience, and to have fun while being immersed in a new culture.
    Rachel Zoneraich

About Us

Nowadays technology is a fundamental part of the global economy. Technology evolves exponentially and internships have to keep up with the changes in the real world. That's why we create internship programs that really matter and are focused on today's Technology developments. Our internship programs are aimed at personal and professional development for students and offer opportunities to work for great companies.

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